Schachverein Ströbeck

We need your help! Please, donate something for our Ströbeck Chess Museum!


Dear citizens of Ströbeck, dear friends of chess in Germany and from all over the world,

After the terrible firebrand of the attic storey at the chess museum of Ströbeck on 14.11.2019 many exhibits are unfortunately more damaged than expected.

The process of decay can only be stopped by a treatment in a special ozone chamber. Many exhibits must be restored. That involves considerable expense.

Some unique objects are even lost forever!

In 2005 the now badly damaged building was completely renovated and rebuilt into our chess museum concerning the former fire protection regulations and the requirements for disability access. So we were allowed to use the building as public museum till the day of the fire.

Our insurance company offered its help to restore the former conditions but that would not meet the building regulations of nowadays to open the building for the public as a museum.

So we were not allowed to open our chess museum to the public again.

The City of Halberstadt is not able to manage the additional costs without any official financial support and there are no such promotion programs activated at the moment.

Therefore, our aim is the reconstruction of the museum in that way that our museum will be integrated into our project “Renovation of the Old Town House ( `Bürgerhaus’) at the restaurant “Gasthaus am Schachspiel” being an object with disability access.

It should be offered some rooms on the ground floor of this building now being under restoration.

In addition, it should be established completely new using a modernized concept and a representative entrance directly at the main square in Ströbeck called “Schachplatz”.

The most required decisions have already been passed by the City Council of Halberstadt in a fast and unburocratic way. The application form was made on 30.11.2019.

Based on the agreement of the state administration of Saxony Anhalt and the Harz District there have already been created the necessary requirements concerning the legal and financial basis for the reconstruction of our Old Town House including the museum’s part.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to consider the reconstruction of the chess museum in combination with the promotion program of the Old Town House.

Although the insurance company ÖSA (Official insurance company for Saxony Anhalt – Öffentliche Versicherungen Sachsen – Anhalt ) offered their collaboration, we will need support for further financial media we hope to earn with the help of different supporting actions and events.  

Our aim is to present the project for a new museum working properly on a special date – at our annual chess festival which will take place on 6.6.2020 this year.

This will only be possible with your donation!

Therefore we have a special idea:

Probably you have already heard about the old tradition of courier chess. We want to reactivate this tradition.

A courier chess board contains 96 squares , these can be purchased symbolically by donators.

Based on their agreement, every name or corporate of a donator (individuals, groups, firms,…)will be placed on a public chess board and on the internet under the link


as well as named additionally in our renovated chess museum in the future.

Those donators who offer the highest donation will be placed on the squares of the couriers and will be announced officially during our chess festival in June this year.

So, please support the recreation of our chess museum. Help us to save a unique cultural heritage- our chess tradition – and to reach the aim of getting part of the immaterial UNESCO World Heritage.

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